Attack Turf Disease From All Angles

Dollar spot. Brown patch.
Snow mold. Anthracnose.
Year-round and tees to greens,
AMVAC® turf fungicides
have you covered.

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Make the game pretty with OREON™

An effective, water-based solution to dollar spot and brown patch that works extremely well on anthracnose, too. Yes, you read that correctly. It works on all three.

OREON™ is a pre-mix formulation that combines PCNB, a premier active ingredient for controlling turf diseases for more than 50 years, and tebuconazole, a systemic fungicide with a broad spectrum of activity.

OREON also features TurfJet™, a new, water-based formula that offers enhanced turf tolerance and an expanded application window for actively growing turfgrass.

Recommended Application Windows for OREON:

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13 field trials.
94% snow mold control.
100% of the time.

13 recent field trials compared the performance of TURFCIDE®, as part of AMVAC’s recommended fairway snow mold control program, to competitive programs.

The results proved that the AMVAC program was not only more effective than the competition, but it also provided more consistent snow mold control. In all 13 trials.

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Recommended Application Windows for TURFCIDE:

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Send the season out right with AUTILUS®

Anthracnose can develop resistance throughout the season, so fungicide rotation through the last application is critical. Make your final attack with AUTILUS®.

Late-season application of AUTILUS, particularly in northern regions, lays the foundation for a snow mold control program. Apply AUTILUS early in the season to take advantage of a different mode of action, and again late in the year to put your turf on the right track for next season.

  • Contact fungicide with multi-site mode of action
  • FRAC group 14 fungicide
  • Key component of a resistance management program
  • Outstanding control of basal rot anthracnose infections
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Recommended Application Windows for AUTILUS:


Dollar Spot Before
Dollar Spot Control
Dollar SpotAfter
Snow Mold Before
Snow Mold Control
Snow Mold After
Anthracnose Before
Anthracnose Control
Anthracnose After